What are the major reasons for workplace harassment?

Nowadays, in almost every company and organization, workers and employees and bullied by their seniors, and it has become a burgeoning problem all over the world. It has a massive impact on the mind of the sufferer and can even cause some serious psychological issues. It has become an alarming issue for all top institutions and organizations and their management has been working to solve this issue. The case of kevin mullin in which a female worker put numerous harassment allegations on him, has acted as an alarm for other organizations. To resolve this issue, first, we need to understand what the reason is behind workers getting harassed at the workplace.

What are the causes of workplace bullying?

Good workers and employees are targeted

The feeling of jealousy prevails in almost all institutions as workers get jealous from their co-workers who are performing well and getting positive remarks and appreciation. It is one of the major reasons for workplace bullying as senior employees don’t like junior employees getting more attention than them, so they bully them into satisfying themselves. Bullies think that their work is not appreciated because the other worker is doing better than them, so they harass that employee.

Popular employees

Most of the time, it has been seen that the target of workplace harassment is usually one of the most popular employees. Some co-workers don’t like that their colleagues are getting more popular and gaining more attention than them. It leads to a feeling of jealousy, and then they bully the popular person at the workplace. Harassers look at them as a threat to their image and popularity in the office. If you are a popular guy at your office, then there are good chances that your senior may envy you and will try harassing you.